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Custom WiFi Wireless W/LAN Antenna Extension Cables & RF Coaxial Connectors & Adapters - Pictures

We make custom-built cables to meet your wireless applications needs! Easier, FASTer and more affordable!

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Coaxial Connector Genders Find WiFi WLAN connector types for devices..
A regular MALE connector has a PIN in the center and threads on the inside (female threading);
A regular FEMALE connector has a female receptacle in the center and threads on the outside (male threading).

A Reverse Polarity (RP) PLUG connector has female threading: threads on the inside, and a female receptacle in the center;
A Reverse Polarity (RP) JACK connector has male threading: threads on the outside, and a pin in the center;
Though female threading, an RP-Plug is usually called a Male connector**.
Though male threading, an RP-Jack is usually called a Female connector**.
(** Please use term PLUG or JACK when referring to RP connectors and not use Male / Female - because other industries may call them just the opposite in terms of Male/Female, which can lead to confusion.)

RF Microwave Connectors for WiFi Coax Cables
N-type Male_1 N-type Male N-type Female N-type Female
N-type Male_LMR600 N-type Male (LMR 600) N female Connector-Solder.jpgN type Female Connector Solder (4 Hole Flange Mount)
BNC male RP-N Plug pic RP-N Jack
FME male FME female
Proxim Male Proxim ORiNOCO (Alprox) Male right-angle
SMA Male SMA Male (Gold or Nickel plated) SMA Female SMA Female (Gold or Nickel plated)
TNC Male TNC Male TNC Female TNC Female
RPSMA Plug RPSMA Plug (Reverse SMA male)
Gold or Nickel plated
RPSMA Jack RP-SMA Jack (Reverse SMA female)
Gold or Nickel plated
RPTNC Plug RPTNC Plug(Reverse TNC male) RPTNC Jack RP-TNC Jack(Reverse TNC female)
RPBNC plug RPBNC PLUG(Reverse BNC male) RPBNC jack RP-BNC JACK(Reverse BNC female)
PL259 crimp UHF PL259 male Crimp PL259 solder UHF PL-259 male Solder

MC (Lucent) Connector

MMCX right angle MMCX
N type Female Connector Solder (4 Hole Flange Mount)
Crimp Tool / Crimper Picture(s)   |   Strip Tool Picture(s)
Other Coax Connector/Adapter Available; pictures coming soon- Contact Us
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Cables: Cross Reference: Cable Assembly Part Numbers
RF WiFi Coax Cables (Bulk; ; 500 ft or 1000 ft reels available- Bulk Cable Prices or Contact Us)
RG-58/U Cable LMR-400 (WBC/CA-400) Cable
RF WiFi Coax Cable Assemblies / Pigtails Cable Assembly Pricing
RPTNC Plug to N-type Male RPSMA Plug to N-type Male
RPSMA Male Female antenna/radio extension cable RPSMA Plug/Jack coax WiFi extension ends (enlarged)
MMCX to SMA female Pigtail Adapter MC (Lucent) to RPSMA female/ jack Pigtail Adapter
Proxim Male to N Male Proxim ORiNOCO (Alprox) Male right-angle to N-type Male Pigtail NEW HOT item

Cantenna Kit

Building to Building Wireless Antenna Kit
Product Detail; View Pictures
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Custom / Special Orders, Volume Discount- Contact Us
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For cables over 12 ft, may we suggest that you use LMR-240 or LMR-400 to help limit the amount of WiFi signal loss (i.e. more signal strength), if that would be an important factor for your application.
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RF Coaxial Adapters (1 unit; no cable; Click to see pictures) Adapters Pricing Click Here
adapter FME female to TNC female Adapter adapter FME male to TNC male Adapter
adapter FME female to N type Female Adapter adapter FME male to N type Female Adapter
adapter FME female to SMA female Adapter adapter FME male to SMA male Adapter
adapter N type Female to Ntype Female Adapters adapter N type Male to Ntype male Adapters
adapter RP-SMA jack/ female to RP-TNC plug/ male Adapters adapter RP-SMA plug/ male to N-type male Adapters
adapter More pictures coming soon... Lowest Market Prices adapter More pictures coming soon...

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RG142 High Temp Teflon Coaxial Cable & Jumpers RG400 High Temp Teflon Coaxial Cable & Jumpers
LMR-195, RG-58/U Cable & Assembly LMR-400 Cable & Assembly
LMR-195 Plenum Cable & Assembly LMR-400 Ultra Flex (UF) Cable & Assembly
LMR-240 Cable & Assembly LMR-600, Cable & Assembly
(^ include Cable-By-the-foot Bulk Cable Pricing) (^ include Cable-By-the-foot Bulk Cable Pricing)
Connectors ; Crimp Tools / Cable Stripper Tools
Adapters or Short Pigtails
Lightening Supressors / Surge Protectors / Arrestors NEW!
Cantenna Kit
Building to Building Wireless Antenna Kit
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Other LMR-400 and RG-58 Cables - Contact Us.
We make Custom Wi-Fi Cables / Pigtails for your special needs!
From 2 inch to 200 ft in length -- all at an affordable LOW price!
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Products, Services & Sales

Our One and Only -- Do It Yourself (DIY) Cantenna / Can-Antenna Kit Hot Item

Includes a custom cable of up to 48 in. (or even 5 ft if requested), and EVERYTHING you'd need to build you own directional cantenna!

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